Modernization of Mi-24, Mi-35 helicopters

In overhauling various modifications of Mi-24 (Mi-35) helicopters according to the specification of the technical documentation, the Customer may opt order the following additional work :

- Upgrading of steering system, air-navigation equipment, global positioning system (GPS);

- Work package according to the program of renewal of overhaul-period operating life of helicopter;

- Replacement of ТВ3-117B engine to ТВ3-117ВМA;

- Inspection of the helicopters’ technical condition for the recovery after the breakdowns and accidents on the aircraft repair plant and on equipped customer bases;

- Replacement of SARPP-12D1M flight data recorder system for BUR-4-1;

- Helicopter completion to provide round-the-clock combat employment with the provision of night-vision goggles with the cabin adjustment or the of a round-the-clock sighting and sighting system GOES 342 (OPS-24N) installation;

- Installation of UPK-23-250 container to enhance combat capability of helicopters by using GSH-23 cannon;

- Installation of 24B product to enhance combat capability of helicopter by using S24 unguided missiles;

- Installation of the deflectors automatic reset device АСО-2В to increase the protection against damage by missiles with thermal guidance;

- Upgrading of R-862 (R-863) radio system operation with frequency spacing 8,33/25KHz to ensure the flights in IKAO system;

- Upgrading to enable installation of P-62 and P-72 launching gear for R-60 and R-73 air-fired missiles.

Modernization of Mi-24, Mi-35 helicopters