The Mountain Helicopters Group of Companies is a conglomerate of aviation companies and professional personnel, providing in aggregate all the needs of professional participants in the aviation market and customers of aviation services. This group of companies includes:

LLC "Helimounts" - the company is engaged in the implementation of any aviation work, transportation of passengers and cargo. The office is located in Moscow (Russian Federation).

Mountain Helicopters Ltd. - the company carries out transactions for the sale of helicopters to Russian and foreign airlines, as well as to lessors and banks. The office is located in Warsaw (Republic of Poland).

LLC "Helimounts-West" - the company is engaged in the sale of aviation technical property for helicopters, the provision of production services for the organization of overhaul of helicopters, as well as insurance of ATI, aircraft, transported cargo and baggage of aviation passengers. The office is located in Moscow (Russian Federation).

Since June 2020, Mountain Helicopters Group of Companies has become the official and exclusive dealer of Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant services in the Russian Federation. Contact information of the Mountain Helicopters Group of Companies:

Offices in the Russian Federation: 109028, Moscow, Kazarmenny lane house 6, building 1, office 5 Office: phone / fax: +7 (495) -877-45-25 Office: GSM, WhatsApp, Telegram: +7 (965) 411-411-3

Company office in the Republic of Poland: Hoza st., 86 / 210,00-682, Warsaw GSM, WhatsApp, Telegram: +7 965 411-411-3 Office GSM, WhatsApp, Telegram: + 48 796 811 239

SC "UEC-Klimov" is an enterprise in the Russian engine-building industry, engaged in the development and production of gas turbine engines for airplanes and helicopters. Includes a design office, modern production and experimental facilities. The enterprise has developed TV3-117 / VK-2500 helicopter engines and RD-33 and TV7-117S / SM aircraft engines. Located in St. Petersburg. It is part of the structure of the United Engine Corporation JSC.

The UEC-Klimov company of the United Engine Corporation will carry out medium repair of aircraft engines on the territory of the Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant in Belarus. The corresponding agreement between the enterprises was signed within the framework of the International Exhibition of the Helicopter Industry HeliRussia-2021.

According to the document, "UEC-Klimov" will carry out medium repairs of engines, supply special equipment, spare parts, parts and assemblies. Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant, in addition to areas for repairs, will provide support personnel to support the work. Medium repair involves the restoration of engine performance in the event of a malfunction before the specified resource is used up.

Earlier, UEC-Klimov and the Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant have already signed a cooperation agreement and a roadmap for the implementation of a project to organize a service center on the basis of a Belarusian enterprise.

Contact information: 197375, St. Petersburg, st. Academician Khariton, 8 Phone: (812) 647-00-38 Email mail